Wherefore art thou Emmeline?

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I hoped and wished but unfortunately my Emmeline pattern did not show up yesterday which means that I won't have time to make it for my mum for her birthday. These are the pitfalls of buying internationally, but it's still disappointing when it doesn't show up after a couple of weeks. Between now and Mum's birthday we have the Melbourne trip and getting ready for the Melbourne trip and as I'll be spending all my free time with her, there's no way she won't notice what I'm up to! Oh well. It will make a lovely 'just because' surprise or perhaps a Christmas one. Or maybe if it arrives today, I can talk dad into taking mum out for the evening so have a few hours free to make it! But I guess it all just depends on when it arrives.

On another track, I bought this fantastic washing powder the other day by B_E_E (Beauty Engineered for Ever). It's a natural washing powder which comes in an awesome reusable bottle and labelled with names like "I Triumph over Grime and Evil" and "I'll Do Your Dirty Work". The powder is scented with lavender, bergamot and patchouli essential oils and is simply divine smelling. But it has one bonus that I don't usually find with natural powders... It makes your clothes feel like silk! I've done three loads of washing so far (on one rare sunny winter day) and everything has come out feeling better than new! I have many different allergies, so I always try to use the most natural products I can find. I usually use Cinderella cleaning sprays (their multi purpose spray is the best! Like walking through a field of mint) but they don't do laundry powder. Anyway, it's a kiwi product, but if you ever get the chance to try it, it's well worth the effort!

I went to Claudia's 10 year dinner last night (my Waitangi Melbourne Weekend room mate) along with a small group of people from work. As usual the food at Erawan was lovely, and I tried their sesame prawns which I hadn't had before. Oh, but were they devine...Tempura prawns rolled in sesame seeds with a plum dipping sauce! I could have just had one giant plate of them rather than anything else, mmmm.

Anyway - this weekend I plan on cutting my hair and starting on the new sewing room. I also hope to track down some bendy rollers for my hair so I can do the Nina from Reaper look. I have that fine straight hair that doesn't hold a curl so my only hope is to sleep in bendy rollers. I used to sleep in velcro rollers (my hair is too long for foam ones) but they were too un-comfy so I just gave up curling my hair completly. I'm desperate to find the rollers so I can get back on the curly train though!

Perhaps I should... Get a perm.

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DM said...

Does a flamingo forget how to fly? LOL!