I've discovered that Peanut Butter doesn't (or shouldn't) contain wheat (thank goodness)! Today I came across this awesome vegan and wheat free Peanut Butter oats recipe without any weird stuff in it (why do all healthy things have weird stuff in it?), so I'm super excited! These sound like the perfect afternoon snack to make and take to work and should be OK with the braces too...

My grab bags arrived this afternoon (the ones I'm using for cushions in my soon to be sewing room). Thankfully there's only a couple of patterns I'm not so excited about, but I'm making personalised cushions for the all the great-nieces and nephews this Christmas so those pieces will be added to that project. Also in the mail was the fantastic hawaiian fabric I bought. I really only wanted the mint green one (I have an idea about using this as curtains in the soon to be sewing room) but the other one came with it anyway. No ideas on what I'll do with this yet, but perhaps a blouse or even a skirt.

On a final note, thank heavens it's Friday tomorrow, I really don't think I can take much more of work this week! I'm attending a 10 year dinner tomorrow night at Erawan Thai, then will be heading home to crash.

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