So, it's been an odd few weeks that should have been fun, but ended up becoming depressing somewhere along the line. It started with the VF Christmas Party; usually an awesome event, but this year it just totally bombed. This was my 7th Vodafone Christmas, and by far the worst I've ever been to.

To get in, I had to queue for 3/4 of an hour and we were divided up into queues based on surname. Luckily I had Ems to keep me company or it would have been the most boring wait of my life. Our queue was about 3 times longer than all the others, so everyone else was inside for about half an hour before we got in... And thanks to the layout - we only ever saw the rest of our group twice that night!

The party was set out over 6 floors, with two flights of stairs per floor, and no working lift. There were two rooms on each floor, and a few more outside, which you had to risk your life to get to as you had to go down more flights of stairs in the dark! Within an hour of getting in, an ambulance arrived as (surprise, surprise) some poor girl broke her leg falling down the stairs. Honestly - considering the state Voda-Staff are well known to get into, I cannot believe they chose that venue! To top everything off, they didn't have any water to drink (alcohol and coke only) and the food, while plentiful, left a lot to be desired.

There were some small highlights though - the Tacky TV Room was awesome, you got to watch 10 minutes of great old 80's shows, then were sent into a locked room where you had 5 minutes to eat all the lollies and chocolate you could get your hands on. If you didn't eat - the 'chef' would chase after you and force food into your mouth all the while surrounded by dancing pigs! And the Bingo room was hilarious - complete with prizes, and wonderful 80's style costuming. Other than that, I have to say I really didn't enjoy the evening and we ended up leaving before 11pm.

Next came our team Christmas Function which really was AWESOME!! One of the VF training team organised an Amazing Race for us, which filled in the first half of the day. The point was to travel between Auckland CBD, Kingsland and NewMarket and on the way take photos with your team of various items, for example horses, Vodafone Customers, bus stops, flower shops, the Black Caps, and dozens of other things. Our team returned a whopping 20 minutes before the rest of the groups, though unfortunately we didn't win the whole race itself. All in all, a very fun morning!

The afternoon was spent BBQing at a team mates place. My Secret Santa Gift went down a treat - Paul wore the lovely knickers I gave him all afternoon (if you look to the left, you'll see a photo of him wearing the "I heart SCLUB7" pair and right at the top, Nige with the "I heart sheep "pair in his back pocket). They got soaked with the Super Soaker more than once and survived, which was great, considering I made the logos out of left over iron on stuff, but I can only imagine the state they're in now!

Also, there are three exciting things happening.. 1) CHRISTMAS!!!! 2) Supernatural is back in January 3) I'm getting SKY for Christmas!!!

That's it for now - I'll be back on/ around Christmas to show off all the awesome presents I bought people (cocky I know, but I am an awesome present buyer). Until then, Merry Christmas, take care and my love to you all!