My Heather Bailey fabric arrived this afternoon! This is my first time with her fabrics and I absolutely am hooked. The colours are vibrant and the fabric is so, so soft. Now I just have to wait for my Emmeline apron pattern to arrive and I can get going...

Also in the mail was this great duvet remnant I bought on TM (same situation as the apple green, I have no idea why I wanted it)! It's a quilt style with each square having a different dress appliqued on, all in pinks, yellows and reds. Now I've seen it, I plan on using this to make yet more aprons along with some of the broderie anglaise I have in my stash and perhaps a couple of cushions for gifts.

I was looking at my latest stash buys just a minute ago, and realised how much I'm longing for summer to arrive. I'm tired of the cold and gloom which seems to have dragged on so much longer this year.

And now for the completely different bit... Once I get back from Melbourne, I've decided to follow a wheat free diet for a few months. I've tried gluten free before but I found that I wasn't organised enough and that because of this it really didn't make much of a difference anyway.

This time I'm going wheat specific, and I'm gathering recipes and researching alternatives properly. I've already bought some chestnut flour so that I can create a wheat free cupcake recipe (no way am I doing this without cupcakes)! And have found some buckwheat pasta to use instead of quinoa, which I don't really like. I've yet to find a couscous replacement, but I suppose I can do rice for a while. The good news is, Cadbury Dairy Milk is wheat free. The bad news is that Caramello isn't!

Another Melbourne thought... Last time I was there I saw Petrova from PR Australia, I wonder if I'll get to see any of the current contestants? I'm also realising I'm not going to have time to make any outfits to take, so I'm shelving the Melbourne wardrobe until I have time to enjoy making something.

Spare room update: I've decided that I'm not going to buy that wallpaper as it's a little too pastel for me. I've also decided to use a different wall as the feature wall, and as it's larger, it needs a much larger, bolder pattern. My light fixtures arrived yesterday. I bought them for only $10 each on a super special (instead of $60 each) and they're perfect for the room. Originally I wanted a quite ornate, wavy halogen bar (like in my 'mood board') but I'm glad I went with a more utilitarian set in the end as I think that my original idea would have been just that bit too much.

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Bad news on the caramello! good luck