Today, part 2

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Unsurprisingly I avoided going near the soon to be sewing room today (terrible I know but it's freezing and even colder in there) but I did manage to not buy a single piece of fabric!

I was looking for Gregory Maguire's Confessions of a an Ugly Stepsister today but couldn't find it, so I picked up a copy of Dead Until Dark instead. I also found Dylan Moran's Live collection (his Monster and Like Totally live shows), a cute set of cupcake cups and a great bag for our holiday for only $30. I also finally gave in and bought a handbag hook. It's a totally ridiculous thing but I figure it will help keep the canvas a little cleaner!

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DM said...

That cup is so sweet! Did you ever find that cupcake material you were looking for?

Anonymous said...

I love the bag too :)