Desperately seeking bendy rollers

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I've been hunting down bendy rollers for a couple of weeks now to no avail. Apparently velcro rollers are de rigueur these days (the ex hairdresser in me screams - why!?!?), but I want something I can whack in quickly before bed and then sleep in and bedsides, velcros don’t work on my hair at the best of times. Last night I managed to find some Avon bendables so I’ve ordered those – with any luck I’ll get them before the weekend so I can take them away!

I didn’t manage to get any work done on the room other than some planning of where this bit of junk and that bit of junk are going to go, but I did chop my hair to half its previous length and reinstated my fringe. I also coloured it slightly darker this time, a dark chocolate instead of a medium copper/mahogany. While the hair looks great, sadly my skin is really not loving the after effects of the colour and is blotchy and red. I suffer from mild rosacea and hair colour is one of the things that sets it off... Also, I was recently on a course of prednisone for a very bad chest and sinus infection and it has caused my rosacea to flare up like it never has before and nothing is soothing it this time. I’m actually starting treatment for it tomorrow, so it’s good timing! I’m having photo rejuvenation therapy to start with which will close down the broken capillaries causing the redness and hopefully smooth my complexion.

I’m half excited, half terrified, as I can’t find any images or descriptions of what my skin will look like the next day... The nurse who is doing the treatment started me on a course of skincare 3 weeks ago in preparation for the treatment tomorrow, but unfortunately this has really made my skin even worse so I stopped using that last Thursday and switched to Antipodes, which is an organic product packed full of essential fatty acids and oils which should counteract the chemicals. For extra good luck I’m using coconut oil at night too. It was improving until I coloured my hair, but I expected that. Fingers crossed I’ll get my $200 back for the other stuff! She did mention that they were obliged to refund me for anything that irritated my skin, and we spent a good 10 minutes reading all the ingredients before I bought it, so I think we’re covered. I personally feel much happier when I’m using organic or natural products on my skin, after all, that’s what women have used for thousands of years!

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