I'm Going Slightly Mad.

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Is Vista actually compatible with anything? I've had nothing but trouble with this new laptop, and I'm pretty certain it's the OS and not the laptop itself. So far it hates Firefox, Photoshop, my wireless modem, my camera's memory card, Download Manager, anything involving links, the interweb, my wacom and pretty much everything else, including blogger.

Third time lucky with this post then...

Sooooooooo. Day 4 of my new face and I really don't know what's going on. Apparently I should now be able to wear make up to cover the 'redness'. Somehow I don't really think it's appropriate to cover this thing with anything at all yet as it's still more puffy and yellow than red.

It finally stopped bleeding after day 2 and even up to today I've been dab dab dabbing the Vaseline on. Yesterday it started getting redder around the edges and puffier in the middle and because I'm terrified of it becoming infected, I self medicated with a bit of antibiotic gel. I know, I know, I really shouldn't have, but it made me feel better! It certainly seems less puffy now, although I think that's just because it's finally starting to heal and not from the gel.

Strangely, the giant patch on my forehead which I expected to be worse than the lip looks like nothing more than a small patch of sunburn - all the skin has grown back already. Which makes the other one more frustrating! My forehead was covered for 3 days though so that does have a lot to do with it. I tried covering my lip to encourage some healing, but the plaster hurt and then fell off within an hour, so that kinda didn't work.

Other exciting things to look forward to are:
My Garrison caps which should be arriving next week! Yep, getting this year's costumes sorted already. It was impossible to find a pattern so I had to order a couple of caps simply to pull one apart.

My Ewok DVDs (Caravan of Courage and The Battle for Endor) should be arriving this week. I don't care how dweeby people think these movies are, I grew up on them (I still keep my Ewok on my bed) and love them to bits.

The Dark Horse cast of Inara's Shuttle I pre-ordered in November should be arriving either this week or next. YAY! Collection Complete!

Highlights of the week: Resident Evil Evening and National Treasure 1st equal
Lowlights of the week: The Golden Compass (might have been OK without Nicole Plasticface), missing all the beautiful weather because I can't go out in the sun and passing the virus I had onto mum. Sorry :(

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