Going, going... GONE

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After years of wanting my 'beauty spot' removed, its finally gone! It hurts like a biotch, but it's gone!! So much for painless and bloodless though... Shall we just say I won't be leaving the house for a couple of days. Mum's reaction should be a good indicator, as she won't even come within 2 metres of me right now. Once she comes within a couple of feet I'll know it's not quite so bad to look at! The Vaseline I have to keep it covered in doesn't help the look of it much either.

It's taken about 4 hours for the anesthetic to wear off, and I can't believe that only 2 hours ago I was wishing it would hurry up. Strangely, the sun damage on my forehead which was also treated doesn't hurt at all and it's about an inch around. That one is covered up however so maybe that's something to do with it.

I have to admit I'm a little worried how it's going to heal - there seem to be some deeper 'cuts' which look to me as if they will leave deeper marks on my skin. I'm hoping at this point that it only looks so bad as it's quite swollen and raw and that when the skin heals over it won't be so visible. Not that I expected no scarring at all, but I didn't expect these odd deep cut like marks.

Anyhoo, lucky for me I've got plenty of great DVDs to watch tonight, including Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse and Resident Evil: Extinction (see a pattern?) but sadly - no Supernatural yet!! Whoops - take that, rewind it back, just found it! Ahhhhh, a nearly perfect evening ahead - 4 hours of Milla Jovovich kicking Zombie Butt and brand new Winchester boys. MMMM. Winchester boys.

OK - I really must go take something for this terrible stinging, watch Sell This House and then start my ghoulie fest! I'll keep you posted on the healing process, cause I know y'all really want to know :P

Ciao bella

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MeanMrMustard said...

Well, as long as it's done, I guess I'm happy for you -- and I hope it heals up just right. Still, I'm going to miss the little guy.