So Long Ricky. Finally.

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Let's face it, Ricky should have been auf weeks ago - a couple of flukes does not a great designer make, and you cannot trust someone who cries that much. It was bad enough when Kevin lost out to him, but it was unforgivable when he made it over Kit. Oh well. At last the weeping willow is gone. Maybe he could create a range of designer tissues for all your crying needs?

Anyway. My three favourites are still in the running (Jillian, Christian and Sweet P)... I'm a complete Jillian freak. I think she's not only a talented designer and has the most incredible imagination and style, but she's also so darned nice and too darned cute! Christian is also in my top three. Wow - that guy is good, even if he is a bit immature at times. Sweet P is the last of my Designer Trilogy. I actually don't think she's that good - she's never shown any real strengths or strong ideas, but I think she's adorable and honorable and that's enough for me.

I'm hoping for a final three of Jillian, Christian and Sweet P. Even better would be a final four like last year with Jillian, Christian, Chris and Sweet P. Based on previous seasons I can just tell that Rami will sneak in and I'll lose a favourite in exchange, but I personally think he is too much of a one hit wonder and a right cock to boot, so I can only hope.

It's interesting how much I love this show. I don't usually watch any form of reality TV (Oh - I watched survivor a few years ago when Rupert was in it - I liked Rupert) and I can't understand the point of them. Project Runway is different because it's not about lying around on a beach in a bikini for a month and flirting your way through or exploiting personal relationships.
You actually need skill and talent to make it in this show (weeeell - generally at least) and once you're on, you really need to work to survive. I'm floored every week by the incredible designs these guys come up with and I can only wish I had a fifth of their talent.

Face update: I still have one! I think it's actually starting to heal now, although I had to move my dentists appointment back a week as I can barely open my mouth wide enough to eat toast!

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