Yet more fabric!

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After searching NZ for Heather Bailey fabrics for under $30 per mtr (simply impossible!) I decided to just buy direct from the source...

After forcing myself to not buy one of everything, I ended up with 1.5 yards of Sway in lime and a yard of Tiled Primrose in celery. Yum! Hopefully this should be just enough to make the Emmeline apron (though the reverse fabric is yet to be decided).

I also found a nice easy recipe for Butterscotch Sauce (which you can't really get here in NZ) so that I can whip up some of Heather's Butterbeer. I'm going to see the new HP movie on Sunday so I'm hoping to take a couple of bottles along for the ride :)

I can't make any of the other recipes at the moment because of the train tracks (no caramel, no nuts, no popcorn etc etc) but I'll also be grabbing some Chocolate Frogs to compliment the butter beer!

Note to self: Rhys Darby and Demetri Martin are super funny. Must buy their live DVDs.

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