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I'm going to call this my next (ish) project, but in reality my next project is my Melbourne wardrobe, which I plan to start this weekend and finish next. However, I came across a fabulous wallpaper design last night on TM, which has completely inspired me, out of the blue, to make over my junk room. Let's call this a long term goal instead then!

My junk room is actually the second largest room in the house and at the moment, it's filled with the hardtop from my car, a random coffee table which never liked anyway, hundreds of books, my desktop PC and desk (which I can't even reach anymore), my cross trainer, and piles upon piles of Christmas decorations and junk. Oh, and a patio heater still in its box, because every junk room needs a patio heater in a box.

I plan, over the next two months, to turn this room into my new sewing slash computer room! I'm heavily inspired by Sarah Richardson's style of mixing colours and prints and I have a mood board in my head already. My first job will be to completely clear the room out, which is going to take a couple of weeks of work. Next, I'll need to skim one of the walls, which is full of dips and holes, but this should take no more than two nights. Last, I'll be ripping up the carpet which is well past its prime. Once I've done the hard stuff, then it's a simple matter of painting, wallpapering and sewing! The room is downstairs and only sees sun in the afternoon, so it's important that I keep it bright. I'm planning on mint green walls and a white painted floor. What I hope to end up with is a room which screams 'batch' (for non kiwis that's 'summer house'). I decided on the painted floor mainly because the room has a low ceiling and low light during the day, but also because it'll be good for cutting fabric and laying out patterns out without fear of damage, because I can just touch it up!

I plan on using only items I've made or refurbished, other than the paint, the wallpaper and the lighting, which I plan to buy second hand (or hopefully a mistint in the case of the paint) and luckily we have an inorganic collection coming up in the next few weeks, so I'll be scouring the Shore for bits and pieces that I can use (and I'm desperately hoping someone throws out a bamboo couch)! I bought some quilters cotton grab bags today on TM, a total of 10 pieces of fabric in various small sizes, which I'm going to use as cushion covers. The auction for the wallpaper doesn't finish until wednesday, so I'm reserving my bid on that until then as I'm not sure whether I'll actually buy it, versus just using it to inspire the colours. I'm kind of back and forward on it, but I think it'll come down to cost. If it's under $50, I'll get it.

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DM said...

Isn't that the 3rd time this year you've decided to clear that out!!!

DeVille said...

Yeah but this time I'm doing it! With the inorganics, I have somewhere to throw the junk out instead of moving it around :)