MMM, strawberry. I've started my Dragonboating supporting with a bang by spending $5 on a punnet of strawberries and some chocolate dipping sauce to go with it. And what's the first thing I find? That's right, The Strawberry That Would Be a Bottom. Score! And for only $5!

Also - it's Guy Fawkes! Oh yay for me. All I can hope is that it keeps on raining so that I can at least get a small amount of sleep tonight. Or perhaps I'll just have a Supernatural Season 3 fest! Double Yuss.

On the not so positive side, I've just been reading about King Tut's tomb being opened for viewing and King Tut himself being put on view ... Why oh why did I not get picked to go to Egypt with the rest of the guys? Is it because I'm just too damned pretty? Am I just too shiny to be allowed? My heart's broken all over again at the thought of everyone trampling through the Cairo Museum, and not to mention the impending weekend trip to Luxor, where the above mentioned can be viewed. Woe is me. Still, I have the Strawberry That Would Be a Bottom, this is at least some compensation.

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