I plan to cover two areas in this post - Supernatural, and my job. I plan to cover these two topics in full, however with a picture of Jensen and Jarred glaring at me (almost obscenely) as I type, the Supernatural bug just might win out. Of course, once I've typed enough they'll no longer appear on screen. That is until I add additional gratuitous images of the boys. Because after the week I've had, I freakin' deserve it. Alternatively I might hijack my own post with various accounts of how work is controlling my life at the moment. Let's see how it goes, huh?

On to Supernatural...

Friday night is quite possibly my favourite night of the week. Not only is it the night I watch the latest Heroes episode, but I also 'record' Supernatural while I'm watching it. This is so that as soon as Hiro's, I mean Heroes finishes, I can watch the latest antics of Sam and Dean Winchester.

These two TV shows cover most of my current television requirements - ghosties, ghoulies, blood suckers and superheroes, slow dancing aliens, cutie little cheerleaders and, especially in the case of Supernatural, attractive manly men.

Here comes the point: Last night as I sat down to begin my recording, something absolutely awful happened. Yes, you guessed it. IT WASN'T THERE. Three hours later with no luck, I began a frantic google search to find out just what the heck was going on. Finally, after an hour of searching - I find that the next episode will not air until.... MID DECEMBER!!! EH?!?!?!? What am I going to do?? How will I get through the next 3 weeks?? This is unfair! And just because it's a Supernatural Christmas Special, does not make it any better!! OK, actually it does. But still!

So for the next few weeks, it appears that I'll need to get my Supernatural hit by watching least two episodes a night, starting right from the beginning. It's an ultra bold statement considering all the Christmas stuff I've got coming up, but I will do it! Projects Perm Mum's Hair and Cut it, Skim, Wallpaper, Decorate Paint and Blinds are going to be taking up all the spare time I have left. Just as well I have no life right now.

Well, what do you know, I've warm fuzzyed my way out of wanting to complain about my job! Sigh. Now, where's that season 1 dvd?

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Des said...

New episode of Smallville doesn't air until December 13th too, then another long break until Jan. 31st. :(

What's far, far worse, is Smallville, Heroes and Supernatural are only going to air roughly have of the planned episodes because of the strike (3 or 4 left for SV and SN). :(

Heroes just aired it's "finale" with ep. #11.

I thought you should hear the bad news from a friend.