I'm so excited! To be honest, I didn't especially love Melbourne but ever since I went to see Wicked in February on the 'girls weekend away', I've wanted to take my mum to see the show, as she's just as big a theatre fan as I am, if not more! Amanda Harrison singing Defying Gravity simply sent shivers down my spine and Lucy Durack was hilarous. I'm getting goosebumps already!

I found a great deal online so I've bitten the bullet and booked our tickets for August 8. I may even bake a batch of my yummo Wicked Cupcakes to take on the plane :) Looking back, I think I let one person ruin the whole trip for me last time, and that's a reflection on me, not her. I plan on re-doing a lot of the things that we did with mum so that I can see them in a positive light, though I'm trying to balance this with not over planning our stay!

In other Melbourne news, Project Runway Australia Season 2 is currently on and I realised that this trip will be the perfect opportunity to finally visit Rathdown Fabrics and their famous remnants bin! Wee hee!!!

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