Another incredible bargain!

Posted by DeVille | is doing a 1 day sale on Burda downloads so I just got this fabulous Burda costume pattern for only $7 NZD. I've always been interested in making an early victorian costume, but this fabric grabbed me, followed by the price (more than half of what I'd pay here, if I could even find it) so I finally bought one.

I also finally found a decent garrison cap and crinoline pattern, all in one! I have looked at that pattern so many times and assumed that the petticoat and cap didn't come with it. I don't know what made me check this time, but I'm glad I did. The crinoline will need some extra work to make it as beautiful as it should be, but I'm useless at maths (and therefore doing the thinking behind making the layered panels from scratch) so this will be an invaluable starting point.

I've also experienced a change of heart on this fabric. I recently bought Simplicity 2586 and have now decided that I'll use it for this (assuming I have enough)!

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DM said...

That jacket would look awesome for everyday too