Mighty fine PJ shorties

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Finally after many weeks of restructures at work, hectic shopping trips a million family birthdays and goodness knows what else, things have settled a bit and I've had the chance to make something on my new machine!

I saw this great fabric at Ikes and instantly thought 'PJ shorties' (because it's nearly not winter)... I snapped it up and when I got home I perused my stash until I found Simplicity 1960, a men's underwear pattern which I'd recieved in a bulk lot and put aside pretty much for this purpose. I didn't have enough fabric to make the yoke, so went with the plain, boxer style short.

I also found some hilariously tacky clothing labels at Ikes which I just had to buy, and decided to use one of these just to make them look a little less homemade. Other than one wee mistake which was easily corrected, they went together super easy - about 20 mins sewing all up (including the mistake) and I think they look pretty great.

Don't you just love the tiki pegs? I got these this morning for $2.50 along with a set of Wahine Doll pegs. I'm going to use these to string up some photos in the sewing room (which I've made no progress at all on).

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Trudy Callan said...

These look comfy.

Alyssa said...

I have finally acquired this pattern (the one I find at work are usually missing a piece...) about a week ago. Are they comfy? The tag inside is quite amusing.

DeVille said...

Hi Alyssa - yes they are comfy, and they were very easy to make. One day I plan on making the yoke pair, though not sure how well they'd fit a woman's body! I've used a Kwik Sew pattern for boxers before, and I love how essentially the style has not changed one bit, where as womans undergarmets seem to change dramatically each decade.