The Sewing Machine Saga ends....

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I took a trip down to Spotlight this afternoon to check out their stocktake sale, on the off chance that they had one of the sewing machines I was interested in upgrading to. Lo and behold I found they had the Brother NS30LE ltd edition - a slightly sexier version of the NS30 to the left - I'll post a pic as soon as I've got her set up! I got $100 off the RRP, which made this a much better option than the repair (which was going to cost a minimum of $200), and being computerised with dozens more features, it was absolutely worth the upgrade.

I also found some fantastic cotton fabric, super cheap!. The black and white print was a half price remnant, only $2.50 for 1.2 mtrs and is destined for greatness as the Burdastyle Anna boho bag along with some white leather I picked up the other day which I'll use as the bag base and as detailing.

The yellow and fawn dot fabric was a great find at the bottom of the sale bin for $7 a mtr. It makes me so happy just looking at it! This will most likely become view A or B of Simplicity 2659 or the short version of Butterick 5324.

Right next to this at the bottom of the bin was the blue, yellow and green spotted fabric for $4 per mtr. I immediately thought of Simplicity 2614 for this so I bought enough to make view D for my mum, and view C for me! There was just enough on the roll so it was definitely one of those 'meant to be' things!

I also picked up a cute 'get creative' tunic pattern for only $4 - (unfortunately the packet is super glossy so I can't get a decent photo) which I think I might use some of the black and fuchsia Hawaiian fabric on.

I really wanted a walking foot, a piping foot, a leather foot and a bias foot, but the brother compatible sets were so high up I couldn't see what was on the labels, so that will be next weekend's buy. Once I've got a new walking foot I can start on McCall's 5484 and Butterick 5329. I found a gorgeous print for the McCall's pattern last week (actually I found the fabric weeks ago but didn't buy it because I couldn't think of what I'd make from it, until I found the pattern!) and I have a stunning black silk knit which I'm going to use for the Butterick. Now I've got my new machine, I should be able to make these in time to take to Melbourne!

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Heather Bailey said...

Congrats on the new machine & the fabric finds!

DeVille said...

Thanks Heather! I just added to my stash again with a couple of pieces from your website :)